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A week in review 11/28/18
Photo courtesy: The White House

By Joseph Rios


One million bees in South Africa die
- It is suspected that at least one million bees died from poisoning in a wine-producing area in South Africa. It is believed that an insecticide that wine farmers use killed the bees.

Boat capsizes in Uganda - At least 29 people were killed when a cruise boat capsized near Uganda’s capital. The boat was carrying nearly 100 people. The area is accustomed to boat accidents, which largely occur from overcrowding. Police rescued over 20 people, but there is an unknown number of people missing from the boat. The boat was being used for weekend parties.


Over 100 whales die in New Zealand
- One hundred and forty-five pilot whales were discovered along Stewart Island in New Zealand. They were beached in two pods, and the incident is a common occurrence in the country. Officials estimate that there are around 85 incidents of whales stranded each year, but usually it’s just one whale at a time, instead of a full pod. Officials are unsure as to why the whales were stranded.

South and North Korea continue peace progress - South Korean president Moon Jae-in showed pictures of puppies who came from a “peace dog” from North Korea. The leader revealed three female puppies and three male puppies who came from a Pungsan hunting dog. South Korea recently flew military planes to North Korea, and the planes were carrying tangerines.


No one dies after arson attack on Ireland hotel
- Police say an arson attack on a hotel in Ireland could’ve been fatal. The hotel was holding nearly 100 asylum seekers, and it is believed that the attack was carried out by someone who lives near the hotel. Police believe the attacker knew that people lived in the hotel, and officials say it’s fortunate that no one died from the attack.

Italian director passes away Bernardo Bertolucci, an Italian director, has passed away in Rome at the age of 77. He directed films like Last Tango in Paris and The Last Emperor, and he won two Oscars. Bertolucci died of cancer, and he began his career as an assistant director. He was also involved in other films including The Dreams, The Sheltering Sky, 1900 and The Conformist.

Latin America

Nearly 100 Central Americans deported
- Mexico says it deported around 100 Central Americans who were trying to storm the U.S. border. U.S. border officers used tear gas and threw rocks at some migrants. Around 42 people managed to cross the border, but the U.S. said all of them were arrested. The migrants are coming from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador as they try to flee violence, and find a better living situation.

Amazon rainforest struggling - According to government data, deforestation of the Amazon rainforest is at its highest rate in ten years. Around 3,050 square miles of the rainforest was destroyed between August 2017 and July of 2018. Edson Duarte, an environment minister, said the deforestation is largely on illegal logging. The Amazon is the largest tropical rainforest in the world, and it has animal species that have yet to be discovered.

North America

General Motors announces new changes to production factories
- General Motors announced that it will stop production in five factories in North America, causing over 14,000 people to lose their jobs. The company says it will save around $6 billion from the move. The factories were located in Canada, Detroit, Michigan, Ohio and Baltimore. The company employees around 54,000 salary workers in North America.

Former Trump advisor begins short prison sentence - George Papadopoulos plead guilty to lying to the FBI last year. The former Trump advisor was denied a request to delay a prison sentence, and he started his two-week sentence. Papadopoulos said he met with two Russian connections before joining Trump’s campaign in March of 2016, but it was found that he met with the Russians after joining the campaign.





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