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The road from Birther to Birthright themes

By David Conde

I spent last weekend on business in Milwaukee, Wis. and had the opportunity to also attend Mexican Fiesta, a showcase of diversity and organizational strength of a very committed Latino community and its leadership. The venue that accommodated the thousands in attendance and the international entertainment programs offered are a model of excellence worthy of emulation.

Among the many dignitaries that attended the opening of the activities was United States Senator Tammy Baldwin who took the time in her remarks to express her opposition to Donald Trump’s attack on the 14th Amendment to the Constitution that makes citizenship a birthright. Trump’s opinion in this regard is of course related to his immigration agenda that has helped him raise his profile and popularity among his followers.

Also, recently I ran across the comments of Jack Cashill who does a conspiracy theory website called WND that has publicly questioned the eligibility of Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum and Marco Rubio to run for president as he argues that they are not “natural born citizens.” While this sounds crazy, we should not forget that the Birther in Chief that questioned President Obama’s birthright in the last national election was none other than Donald Trump who promised but never delivered the proof to disqualify Obama.

Fast forward to the current election season and we see the other side of the Birther intent as the anti-birthright crowd led by Trump would deny automatic citizenship to American children born to Latino immigrant parents because according to them these immigrants come to the United States just to have their children in American. But to go as far as to advocate a change in the Constitution to deal with Latino immigrants (something that was not done to shape European immigration especially in the first part of the 20th century) appears to be a desperate move to appeal to the baser instincts of those Americans that would sacrifice that sacred document to help maintain political power.

Although the “Anchor Baby” insult to the Latino community had its day some time ago and was discredited, it is being brought to the forefront again to tantalize a shrinking majority some of whose members see the denial of citizenship to Latinos as a way to stem changes down the line at the ballot box that determine the face of democracy in America. Rather than embrace the nation as an effective and genuinely diverse community, those that would “take the country back” under the rubric established by a Trump utopian vision will find that they are being sold a bill of goods.

This fellow is a great salesman that has built a fortune from government subsidies, borrowed money that he did not pay back and repeated company bankruptcies at a cost of 4.7 billion to fellow investors. Now he also is selling other things such as a wall along our southern border to be paid by Mexico as well as oil revenues from new military adventures in Iraq.

There is somewhat of an irony in focusing the rhetoric on Mexican immigration given the fact that China is the number one exporter of immigrants to this country followed by India. Someone needs to ask Trump about the kind of barrier we should put up to stop Chinese and Indian immigrants and how he can get those countries to pay for it.

Donald Trump as a Birther was something of a joke. But now as an anti-Constitution advocate he has turned into a genuine threat to America.





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