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La Voz and Denver7 announce partnership
Welcome Denver7! La Voz and Denver7 (KMGH-TV, the ABC affiliate) enter into a partnership today in an effort to provide news information in English/Spanish to the Colorado Latino community. Both entities will share story ideas, profiles and event information to further reach and profile a rapidly growth Latino community. Additionally, La Voz is expanding into southern Colorado, (Alamosa, and surrounding areas) within the next 30 days! (La Voz staff photos, Denver7 official photos)

By James Mejia

This week, when all eyes are on the Latino community for Cinco de Mayo, La Voz newspaper and television station Denver7 will announce a partnership to share content and link media platforms. In a move to expand customer base throughout Colorado, La Voz and Denver7 will provide each other access to current media resources.

For La Voz, the move continues a path of increased exposure to a growing Latino community, and allies of the community in Colorado. With a television partner, La Voz will add video and commentary regarding newsworthy items on their website. Besides the digital edition of the newspaper, which is already provided, the Denver7 online presence is projected to broaden exposure to Colorado Latino issues outside the state.

For Denver7, with tag line ‘The Denver Channel,’ the move to associate with La Voz is a recognition of the growing number of viewers and purchasing power of the Colorado Latino community. The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) affiliate already houses Azteca America Colorado, a low power television station known for bringing content from Mexico to the U.S. market. The partnership will broaden inroads into the Latino community and is projected to bring more Latino viewers to both Azteca and Denver7 and increase La Voz’ readership.

In a prepared statement, Denver7 makes clear the importance of the partnership, “Denver7 and La Voz are joining forces to provide news and information geared toward our Hispanic community. Denver7 works to ensure the people of Denver are never caught off guard by alerting and warning them to things that will impact their lives. The partnership with La Voz will be a strong vehicle for us to work together to keep Denver and our Latino population one of the most vibrant, growing communities in the nation. Our news coverage and investigations will hold the powerful accountable and the sharing of our resources will be seen on Denver7 and Azteca TV and read in La Voz.”

Both media entities are betting on the continued growth and influence of the Latino community in Colorado. The Pew Research Center notes that Latinos comprise over 1 million of Colorado’s residents, and over 20 percent of our state’s total population. Colorado’s Latino population qualifies as the country’s eighth largest. Furthermore, the Latino population is over 30 percent of our state’s K-12 students, signifying the youth of the population and potential growth of Latino media consumers. Latino consumer and voting influence is also growing in Colorado – The Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce reports that Colorado Latino purchasing power totals $21.9 billion, an increase of nearly 500 percent in the last 15 years and nearly 250,000 registered voters are Latino.

Latinos in Denver are even more of a factor, comprising 34 percent of the city’s population of 650,000. “Our Hispanic community is growing and we will champion them by highlighting stories that are unique, relevant and important,” said Lindsay Radford, Denver7 News Director.

In 2013, industry analyst Arbitron ranked Denver the 19th largest radio market in the country, and 17th largest television audience. Since the demise of the Rocky Mountain News, Colorado is now home to a single daily paper, The Denver Post, leaving opportunities open for neighborhood and ethnic newspapers including La Voz. The Pew Research Center reports that of 17 identified ethnic news outlets in Colorado, 9 of them cater to Latinos and Spanish speakers.

For La Voz publisher Pauline Rivera, the partnership underscores the growth and potential of the Latino market. “La Voz was courted by another station and we went with a television partner that welcomes our input and ideas. This move is more than just recognizing the importance of the Latino community around holidays like Cinco de Mayo, this signifies a year-round commitment to the community; a true collaboration.”

Brad Remington, Vice President and General Manager for Denver7, echoes Rivera’s collaborative sentiment. “The goal is to showcase the vibrant and authentic Latino culture in our communities. We will strive to tell stories that uncover problems and fight for solutions. We are excited to be working together with La Voz on news stories, special projects, events and community service.”

Industry observers should not be surprised by the partnership given the leaders at the helm. Remington is well familiar with the Colorado market and the growth of the Latino community throughout the New West. He returned to Denver7 about one year ago, after serving as Managing Editor at the station from 1989-1996. Since his first stint at the station, he spent time at television stations in Albuquerque and Phoenix, both markets with burgeoning Latino populations. He directed the news operations at Denver’s Fox affiliate KDVR starting in 2006 for three years. In addition to coordinating Denver7, Remington also oversees the operations of Azteca America Colorado, housed in the same building as Denver7.

Prior to publishing La Voz, Pauline Rivera served as a columnist, editor and general manager at the newspaper. The link to Denver7 may come naturally given her work at the TV station from 1990 – 2004. At the station, Rivera served as Programming Manager and Community Affairs Director. Given her experience in broadcast television and print media, the combination of the two platforms seems a natural extension, providing news in various ways for numerous consumers.

Latinos in Colorado may identify Denver7 most with the face of the station for over the last 30 years, Anne Trujillo. Trujillo was born and raised in Littleton, and from elementary school through college, was educated in Colorado. As one of Denver’s top news anchors, Trujillo’s popularity has kept her at the news desk through numerous corporate and managerial shifts at the station.

Denver7 is owned by media conglomerate, Scripps Media, Inc., and La Voz has been owned and operated through La Voz Publishing Corporation, Inc., by the Rivera family of Denver since 2008.





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