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A week in review 09/12/18
Photo courtesy: Pixaby

By Joseph Rios


Tanzania president call for end to birth control
- Tanzania President John Magufuli said that women should stop taking birth control pills, because the country needs more people. Women in Tanzania have more than five children on average, and its one of the highest rates in the world. Magufuli made the remarks at a rally, and he said people who use planned family methods are lazy.

Gas station explodes in Nigeria - Nigeria’s central town of Lafia is mourning after a gas station exploded. At least two people were killed in the incident, including a child. Over 30 people are currently being treated in a hospital from burns, and witnesses say a gas canister caused the explosion. The actual cause of the incident is unknown, according to authorities.


U.S. threatens sanctions against International Criminal Court
- United States servicemen are currently being prosecuted over alleged abuse in Afghanistan. The country has threatened sanctions against the International Criminal Court if it proceeds with those prosecutions. The U.S. would impose sanctions by banning judges and prosecutors from the court from entering the country.

North Korea holds parade without missiles - To mark the country’s 70th anniversary, North Korea held a parade. At the parade, the country didn’t display any missiles, and it is unknown if Kim Jong-un gave a speech at the parade. The country is also preparing for its Arirang Mass Games, and this year’s theme will focus on telling the story of North Korea’s history.


Google removes ads critical of Putin
- As elections for regional governors in Russia near, Google has taken down ads that are critical of Vladimir Putin. Those ads came from Alexei Navalny, an outspoken political activist who has been critical of Putin. Navalny’s aides called Google’s move “political censorship,” and the company said it was required to do so, due to local laws. It isn’t the first time that Google has removed political advertisements.

Man stabs seven people in France - French police detained a man who is accused of stabbing seven people. People were playing a French bowling game, when the man allegedly attacked them with a knife and iron bar. He is said to be Afghan, and officials aren’t treating the attack as a terrorist incident. France has seen a rise in knife attacks in recent months, but very few of them have been treated as terrorist attacks.

Latin America

Brazil presidential candidate attacked
- Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro’s health has significantly improved since he was stabbed at a campaign rally. Bolsonaro suffered from a life-threatening wound, and doctors say that he lost about 40 percent of his blood. Bolsonaro is 63 with far-right political views. Authorities have arrested a man who is believed to be connected to the attack, and they’re investigating the suspect’s mental health.

Mass grave discovered in Mexico - Law officials in the Mexican state of Veracruz are investigating a mass grave that was discovered. The grave had the skulls of at least 166 people along with other human remains. Officials believe that the skulls have been there for at least two years, and other things like clothes and identity cards were discovered at the grave. Drug-related violence in the country has skyrocketed since 2006.

North America

Hurricane nears east coast
- South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia have all declared a state of emergency as Hurricane Florence nears the states. It is thought to potentially be the strongest storm to hit the area in decades, and some residents are stocking up on supplies. The hurricane is a category form storm, and its winds are gusting at around 130 mph.

Subway opens for first time since 9/11 - It’s been 17 years since 9/11, but a New York City subway station has reopened for the first time since the attack. The subway, located on Cortlandt Street, was nestled beneath debris from when the two World Trade Center towers collapsed. Officials have described the reopening of the subway as something that is “more than a new subway station.” Almost 3,000 people died on 9/11 and thousands were injured.





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