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Letter to the Editor
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By Dusti Gurule
Letter to the Editor:

Protecting Roe Critical to the Health Of Our Community

Dear Editor,

Colorado has made huge strides in addressing barriers to health care, but the fact is that reproductive health care is still pushed out of reach for too many people. We must do more to ensure that when someone is ready to add to their family they can get prenatal care to have a healthy pregnancy and when someone needs to seek an abortion they should have affordable access to compassionate care in their community.

On January 22nd we commemorate the 47th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court case that affirmed the right to abortion, but the fact is that the right is not real for many of us.

When health coverage is withheld, low-income people struggle to come up with the funds to pay for their abortion out of pocket. People may have to decide between paying rent or buying groceries and seeking the care they need. When clinic doors close because of medically unnecessary and intrusive laws, it is often women of color who are forced to figure out how to get to a provider hours away, take time off from a job that may not offer paid leave and find someone to care for their children so they can make the trip.

The ability to seek reproductive healthcare should not be predicated on your income, how old you are, where your benefits come from, how much money you make or where you live, but that is what is happening. We must denounce attempts to take away the ability to make our own decisions about some thing as personal and profound as how to build our families or what happens to our bodies. We need to tear down barriers and continue to strive to ensure true access to care. That is what it looks like to celebrate Roe v. Wade and to advocate for our communities.

Dusti Gurule

Executive Director

Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity & Reproductive Rights (COLOR)

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