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Parents must have a voice in how schools are measured
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By Source: Natalie Perez (Parent)
We’re living at a time when transparency in government is essential. For me as a mom, it’s important to understand what is happening in school so I can support my son and make sure he’s receiving the education he deserves. Every child’s education is important. Especially now during a time of painful budget cuts, I want to be sure the value of equity in education is upheld.

The changes being considered for the Denver Public Schools (DPS) School Performance Framework, or SPF, deserve our attention. The Denver School Board is considering whether a new dashboard should be created to measure schools› progress.

I think the dashboard is critical for ensuring there is equity in DPS. By providing transparent data, it will be easier to see whether all students are receiving a quality education no matter their family income, race, or where they live in Denver.

The old SPF caused confusion and doubt in my community, especially when a higher ranked school didn›t make our children more engaged in learning.

The information being considered for the new dashboard for DPS will be valuable to parents. I want to know how my kid feels at school, how his teachers feel about the school, and how many teachers there are per student. Diversity is important. I want to feel comfortable that my son can relate to his teachers because having relationships beyond academics makes a difference in how a child feels about school. Every child wants to be understood and appreciated.

The School Board must adopt all three recommendations made by the Reimagine the SPF committee. Relying on the state SPF alone is not enough. Denver parents deserve to know more about our schools in order to make the best choices for our children and to support their success. Share your thoughts on what should be included in the dashboard so we can show the school board how important this information is for parents.

Natalie Perez is Denver Public School parent and Parent Fellow with Stand for Children. She lives in southwest Denver.

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