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Week Of Special Interest 06/02/21
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By La Voz Staff
RTD launches a new payment method for passes

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) is adding new functionality to its Mobile Tickets app with the debut of the Stored Value Account (SVA), a payment method that enables customers to deposit funds and purchase RTD passes whenever they please using their fund balance.

RTD customers can add funds to the SVA using a credit or debit card. This payment method acts as an in-app wallet, storing funds for future use instead of requiring customers to use a credit or debit card for every purchase.

The new SVA is not available in the Uber, Lyft or Transit apps. Customers must continue to purchase and activate passes before riding the RTD system. The RTD Mobile Tickets app Stored Value Account is an entirely new payment method, unrelated to the MyRide Stored Value Card. RTD continues to deliver innovative ways to improve its products, tools and customer experience.

To learn more about RTD mobile ticketing, visit the agency’s website at

State Fire Agency encouraging safe fireworks practices

The Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC) hopes you and your friends and family have an enjoyable and safe Fourth of July this year.

If lighting fireworks is included in your plans, please make sure you’re doing it safely and protecting all of your friends, neighbors, and our Colorado open spaces and wildlife by only using permissible fireworks, purchased from a Colorado licensed fireworks store, stand, or tent. Additionally, make sure to check your local fire restrictions before setting off any permissible fireworks.

Sparklers alone generally cause about one-fourth of all injuries during each year’s Fourth of July celebrations, according to the NFPA. Amateurs who set off fireworks caused an estimated 19,500 fires and generated around 9,000 emergency room visits over the entire year in the U.S. in 2018. That’s why DFPC is encouraging everyone who participates in the Fourth of July holiday to find alternative ways to celebrate, such as through the use of glow sticks.

“A fun and exciting Fourth of July season that is SAFE is our top priority,” said DFPC Fire and Life Safety Section Chief, Chris Brunette. “That’s why you should leave the big shows to the pro’s.”

Information on fire restrictions and bans can change rapidly. The most current information can and should be obtained from your local county Sheriff or the Forest Service. Click here for more information.

For more information on DFPC Fireworks program, please visit dfpc.colorado.gov/fireworks.

Our Government

Nuestro Gobierno

White House

A Proclamation on National Immigrant Heritage Month: America is, always has been, and always will be a Nation of immigrants. It was the premise of our founding; it is reflected in our Constitution; it is etched upon the Statue of Liberty — that “from her beacon-hand glows world-wide welcome.” During National Immigrant Heritage Month, we reaffirm and draw strength from that enduring identity and celebrate the history and achievements of immigrant communities across our Nation.

Casa Blanca

Una proclamación sobre el Mes Nacional de la Herencia del Inmigrante: Estados Unidos es, ha sido y siempre será una nación de inmigrantes. Fue la premisa de nuestra fundación; se refleja en nuestra Constitución; está grabado en la Estatua de la Libertad, que “de su mano como faro brilla la bienvenida mundial”. Durante el Mes Nacional de la Herencia del Inmigrante, reafirmamos y sacamos fuerza de esa identidad perdurable y celebramos la historia y los logros de las comunidades de inmigrantes en toda nuestra nación.

Colorado Governor

The State of Colorado announced that more than three million Coloradans, more than 60.7 percent of those eligible, have been vaccinated with at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, with more than 2.5 million people fully immunized.

“We’ve successfully protected more than half our state from this deadly virus and I’m proud of the work so many Coloradans have put into reaching this milestone,” said Governor Jared Polis.

Denver Mayor

Mayor Michael B. Hancock and Denver’s top public safety officials announced a new collaborative, community-based approach to addressing violent crime in specific areas of the city, as well as a plan to build on years of reforms and continuously improve policing.

“Cities across the country are seeing increased crime resulting from the shock of this pandemic,” Mayor Hancock said “The situation in Denver is, unfortunately, no different. What is different, however, is our pro-active approach to keeping people and neighborhoods safe.”

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