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Wedding planner booked with many post-COVID events
Photo courtesy: Roz Event Planning
By Joseph Rios
Only two and a half months before the coronavirus pandemic forced most of the world to go into lockdown, Miranda Guerra opened up Roz Event Planning — an event planning business that coordinates everything from weddings to corporate events.

Guerra admitted that at first she was concerned when the pandemic halted events. But after about a month or two, she began to feel like not being able to coordinate and design events wasn’t the worst thing in the world for her business.

“It was a blessing in disguise. I would much rather have that happen in the beginning of my business when I was going in with no expectations and an open mind versus it happening at the height of it,” she said. “I think it would’ve freaked me out more, so I’m thankful it happened in the beginning because it allowed me to learn a lot, go with the flow and adapt. I was able to work on the backend of my business and get a ton done that I wouldn’t have gotten done if I was working events.”

“It taught me if I can go through that and be okay, then that’s fine,” she added.

With places reopening, large gatherings being back and couples anxious to get married after having their weddings postponed, business is booming for Roz Event Planning and Guerra. After planning seven weddings last year, Guerra has found herself booked until mid-October with 18 weddings and other events like style photoshoots and photoshoots for business programs and branding.

“Just being in the industry, I know how things normally go. People typically book a year out, you have time and you have somewhat realistic expectations,” said Guerra. But because of COVID and people having to cancel and postpone, and on top of everyone who was still getting engaged, it made this year really hectic.”

Guerra has always enjoyed event planning and was inspired to enter the field by her family who own the motorcycle shop Dino’s Custom Cycles in Lakewood. She watched her parents host large customer parties and fundraisers when she was growing up.

Before entering the industry nearly 10 years ago, Guerra earned her bachelor’s degree in event and meeting management from MSU Denver.

“I consider myself to be creative. (Event planning is) a different way for me to have that creative outlet, but I’m also very organized and structured,” said Guerra. “It’s the best of both worlds for me.”

Guerra said she enjoys out of the box, creative events where her clients push boundaries, change tradition or event incorporate cultural involvement. One of her favorite weddings she coordinated involved a Jewish couple who incorporated cultural traditions into the event like signing the Ketubah marriage contract. While sticking to tradition, the couple also opted to have a small, intimate wedding — something that isn’t common in Jewish weddings.

You can learn more about Roz Event Planning at rozevents.com and find them on Facebook @rozevents.

“Sometimes people have all these ideas, but they don’t know how to go about making it happen. I’m the key part of making it happen,” said Guerra. “At the end of the day, seeing my clients happy and satisfied and getting to live their vision is the most enjoyable thing for me.”

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