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A week in review 07/28/21
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By Joseph Rios

Tunisia president in hot water - Kais Saied, president of Tunisia, is accused of staging a coup after he fired the country’s Prime Minister and suspended Parliament. He said he acted in accordance with the Constitution. Violent protests took place over the weekend as residents demonstrated against the government’s handling of the pandemic, the economy and more.

Ethiopian wins AKO Caine Prize Meron Hadero, an Ethiopian author, became the first Ethiopian to win the AKO Caine Prize for African writing. She wrote about an Ethiopian boy who has to navigate power dynamics like foreign aid in Addis Ababa. Hadero was raised in the United States but was born in Ethiopia. She earned $13,000 from winning the prize.


Thirteen-year-old Japanese girl wins Olympic Gold Medal - Momiji Nishiya, who is only 13, won an Olympic Gold Medal in women’s street skateboarding at the Olympics in Tokyo. Other young athletes took home medals in street skateboarding including Brazilian Rayssa Leal, age 13, and Japan’s Funa Nakayma, who is 16. Surprisingly, Nishiya is only the second youngest-ever Olympic champion.

Falling boulders kill nine in India At least nine tourists were killed in India after a car they were traveling in was hit by falling boulders. Three others were injured from the incident that took place on Sunday. Video footage shows large boulders hitting parked vehicles before causing a bridge to collapse. Those who were affected by the incident will be given access to a government relief fund.


COVID cases continue to fall in the UK - On Monday, the number of new cases recorded in the UK fell for the sixth day in a row. This is the first time that has happened without a lockdown since the pandemic began. Medical officials said the area is getting close to herd immunity. This is the first time since November that cases have fallen for six days in a row.

European countries mandate vaccines for health care workers - France and Greece joined Italy in making vaccinations a requirement for health care workers. Other employees in France like care home employees and others who work with vulnerable patients will also be required to get vaccinated by Sept. 15. In Greece, nursing home staff who refuse to get vaccinated will be suspended from work starting August 16.

Latin America

Brazilian President videos removed from YouTube - YouTube removed videos posted by Brazlian President Jair Bolsonaro that spread misinformation about the pandemic. It said the decision was made based on content policies. Bolsonaro has spoken out against lockdowns, masks and vaccinations since the pandemic started, despite Brazil having some of the highest amount of cases in the world. Earlier this year Brazil’s Congress launched an inquiry into the government’s handling of the pandemic.

Peru elects president - Pedro Castillo has won the country’s presidential election after a close run-off race. He is a former teacher and union leader and will be sworn in on July 28. Castillo beat out right-wing rival Keiko Fujimori. Four years ago, Castillo made headlines when he led thousands of teachers on strike over pay. He said his goal is to create a million new jobs in a year.

North America

U.S. heading in “wrong direction” on pandemic infections - Dr. Anthony Fauci said the United States is going in the wrong direction in regard to the pandemic. He said the Delta COVID-19 variant is driving a spike in cases in areas with low vaccination rates. Fauci also added that health officials are considering revising mask guidance for vaccinated Americans to make case numbers drop. Booster COVID-19 shots are also being reviewed.

Combat forces to leave Iraq by 2022 President Joe Biden announced that U.S. combat forces will leave Iraq by the end of the year. Troops will continue to train and advise the Iraqi military. Currently, there are around 2,500 U.S. troops in Iraq. Earlier this year, Biden announced troops will also leave Afghanistan. He recently met with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi at the White House.

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