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A week in review 08/04/21
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By Joseph Rios

Madagascar arrests generals over assassination plot
- Authorities in Madagascar arrested high-ranking army and police officials in connection with a failed attempt to kill the country’s president. There are currently 21 people who are being investigated for the attempt. Around $250,000 and a gun were seized in the arrests. This summer, there was a failed effort to kill the head of the national police force as well.

Fifteen soldiers killed in Niger terrorist attack - At least 15 Niger soldiers were killed in the southwestern part of the country. Government officials said soldiers were ambushed and hit by an explosive device in what they described as a terrorist attack. Jihadist groups linked to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State are active in the border region Niger shares with Mali and Burkina Faso.


Delta variant spreads in China
- In a span of 10 days, more than 300 cases of the Delta COVID-19 variant have been reported in China. Travel restrictions have been imposed by the Chinese government because authorities have attributed the spread of the variant to domestic tourism. Authorities say 1.6 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered in China, but it is unclear how many people are fully vaccinated.

YouTube suspends Australian news station over misinformation - YouTube has suspended Sky News Australia from uploading any new content due to the news station uploading COVID-19 misinformation. Sky News Australia said YouTube’s decision was a disturbing attack on the ability to think freely. It has 1.5 million YouTube subscribers, and the ban could impact its revenue. YouTube said it doesn’t allow content that denies COVID-19 exists.


Twin pandas born in France
- Twin panda cubs were born at the ZooParc de Beauval in central France early Monday morning. The zoo described the animals as being lively, pink and plump. Panda reproduction has been known to be difficult, and the zoo called the cubs birth an exceptional event. The mother panda is being loaned from China.

Alleged Nazi guard to stand trial - German prosecutors confirmed that a 100-year-old alleged former guard at a Nazi concentration camp will stand trial in the country. The suspect, who is unnamed, is accused of assisting in murdering prisoners at the Sachsenhausen Camp from 1942 to 1945. He was recently confirmed to be fit enough to stand trial in October after a medical exam.

Latin America

Venezuelan sets world record at Olympics
- Yulimar Rojas of Venezuela set a world record in the triple jump in her Olympic gold performance in Tokyo. She is revered in Venezuela and has a mural showing her leaping over Angel Falls in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela where she grew up. Rojas is 25 and jumped 15.67m to break a record previously held by Inessa Kravets of the Ukraine.

Dominican merengue legend dies - Johnny Ventura, the iconic Dominican singer, has passed away at the age of 81. Ventura’s career lasted for 60 years. He formed the merengue and salsa orchestra the “combo show,” a band that is considered to be one of the most significant groups in the history of the Dominican Republic. Three days of mourning have been declared by the country.

North America

Scarlett Johansson sues Disney
- Actress Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney over a contract dispute after it streamed her new film “Black Widow” at the same time as its release in theatres. The film brought in $218 million in its first weekend. However, box office revenue has dropped, and Johansson says it has made her lost out on potential earnings. Disney said it has fully complied with her contract and said her case has no merit.

Zoom agrees to settle class action lawsuit - Zoom will pay $86 million to settle a class action privacy lawsuit in the United States. It is accused of invading the privacy of millions of people by sharing personal data with Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. It is also accused of failing to prevent hackers and has agreed to boost its security. The lawsuit was filed in March of last year in California.

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