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A week in review 08/18/21
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By Joseph Rios

Zambia elects new president
- Hakainde Hichilema has been declared president of Zambia after defeating incumbent President Edgar Lungu. Hichilema won the election by more than a million votes. It was the sixth time he has run for the presidency and will now focus on turning around the country’s economy.

Nigeria state to ban mannequin heads - Kano, a Muslim-majority state in Nigeria, has ordered shops to only use headless mannequins when advertising clothing. The Islamic police force in the state says Islam frowns on idolatry. The state is one of 12 in the country that practices Islamic law. The legal system also impacts non-Muslims who have to follow Islamic police force rulings.


Residents told to seek shelter in Japan amid rain
- Nearly two million people in Japan have been told to leave their homes as heavy rainfall continues to devastate parts of the country. Officials have deployed more than 150 troops, police and firefighters to help with rescue operations in areas like Fukuoka and Hiroshima. At least one person has died and two others are missing after a landslide destroyed two homes.

Rebel leader’s death leads to unrest - Mob violence and arson in Meghalaya, an Indian state, has ensued after former rebel leader Cherishterfield Thangkhiew was allegedly killed during a police raid. Mobile internet services have been suspended in four districts as authorities have imposed a two-day curfew. Protesters threw bombs at Chief Minister Sangma’s residence. Stone-pelting incidents were also reported.


Floods kill dozens in Turkey
- At least 70 people have died from floods that have struck northern Turkey along the Black Sea coast. Apartment buildings have been destroyed, and the floods have come at a time while the country is battling large wildfires. Floods were caused by torrential rain, and dozens of people are still missing.

Manslaughter charged over migrant’s death - Authorities have charged an Algerian national for manslaughter in France after a 27-year-old migrant died trying to cross the English Channel in a small boat. The suspect was also charged with endangering the lives of others and assisting illegal entry into France. Last week, 600 migrants reached the United Kingdom in small boats.

Latin America

Haiti earthquake death toll climbs
- More than 1,200 people have died after a deadly, 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti. Meanwhile, the Tropical Depression Grace storm is expected to pass over areas affected by the quake. Authorities fear the storm will cause heavy rain which could lead to landslides. Search and rescue teams have arrived from the United States and Chile while Cuban medical teams are already in the country.

Lawmaker canned after being accused of ordering murder in Brazil - Flordelis de Souza has been voted out of her seat in the lower house of Brazil’s Congress. She is accused of ordering the murder of her husband, who was shot 30 times at their home in Rio de Janeiro a few years ago. Souza and her husband, Anderson do Carmo, were known for raising 55 children.

North America

Food stamp aid increased
- The US Department of Agriculture is planning to increase food-assistance funds to nearly one in eight Americans each month. The increase will start in October for people who receive food stamps with the average benefit increasing by about $36 per person. It is the largest permanent funding boost in program history.

U.S. takes control of Kabul Airport - The United States is joining other countries to evacuate staff and allies from the Kabul Airport after the Afghan capital was seized by the Taliban. The Taliban’s return marks the end of a nearly 20-year span of a U.S.-led coalition’s presence in the country. Thousands of American citizens, embassy staff and their families are being airlifted out of the country. The Untied States sent 5,000 troops to assist with the evacuation.

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