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A week in review 08/25/21
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By Joseph Rios

Hostages rescued in Mozambique
- Mozambican and Rwanda troops rescued more than 100 people who were taken hostage by al-Shabaab militants in northern Mozambique. Most of those who were rescued were elderly people, children and women. There are still concerns around a lack of food for the hostages as there have been reports that there is only enough food to feed everyone for two days.

Uganda teachers ordered to get vaccine - Teachers in Uganda were instructed by the country’s education minister to get vaccinated against COVID-19. If teachers refuse to get the jab, they are at risk of being ousted from classrooms when schools reopen. The country has been under pressure recently to reopen schools. Students haven’t attended in-person classes since June 6 due to a rise in COVID-19 cases.


Stranded Indians evacuated from Afghanistan
- Approximately 146 stranded Indians were evacuated from Afghanistan and arrived in Delhi on Monday. This past week, India has evacuated about 400 people from the country. Since the Taliban seized control over Afghanistan on Aug. 15, a high number of people have been trying to flee to another country. Thousands of people are still waiting outside the Kabul Airport in Afghanistan trying to escape.

Taiwan introduces new COVID vaccine - Taiwan began to administer its own domestically developed COVID-19 vaccine. The island approved emergency use of the Medigen vaccine despite criticism that its approval was rushed. The jab did not complete phase three trials before being approved. However, its maker assured that there are no major safety concerns and studies show that antibodies were no worse than AstraZeneca’s vaccine.


Supply chains worsening in the UK
- Retail and transport industry representatives expressed concerns to UK Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng about the impact on supply chains getting worse. There is currently a truck driver shortage in the country. It is estimated that there is a shortfall of about 90,000 truck drivers, causing pressure on retailers and their supply chains. Brexit and COVID-19 has caused truck drivers to leave the UK, but officials believe a temporary visa could bring them back.

Poland to build border fence - Poland is planning to build a fence on its border with Belarus to hold off migrants from coming into the country. It has accused the Belarusian government of driving in migrants into the country. Poland said migrants are being flowed into Belarus and then being pushed across its border by authorities. The European Union has accused Belarus of using migrants as a weapon in response to sanctions, but the country has denied the allegations.

Latin America

Haiti continues to deal with aftermath of earthquake
- Haiti said it is in need of medical, food and sanitation assistance after a large earthquake struck the country. More than 2,000 people were killed from the quake, and rescue crews are still digging through rubble searching for survivors. The Haitian Health Foundation said it is hoping the country doesn’t see a cholera outbreak. The United States Military has transported at least 200 severely injured people to hospitals.

Hurricane Grace hits Mexico - In Eastern Mexico, at least eight people were killed after Hurricane Grace hit the area. Streets have turned into rivers of mud, and high winds and downpours continue to cause flooding. The hurricane is travelling north of Mexico City. Winds from the hurricane reached speeds up to 125 mph.

North America

Pfizer vaccine receives FDA approval
- The US Food and Drug Administration made the Pfizer two-dose COVID-19 vaccine the first shot to be licensed in the country. They are now fully approved for people who are ages 16 and older. With the approval, more vaccine mandates by employers and organizations are expected across the country. The vaccine was found to be 91 percent effective in preventing COVID disease.

Charlie Watts dead at 80 - Legendary rock star drummer for the Rolling Stones has died at the age of 80. Watts was born June 2, 1941 and has been with the original Rolling Stones band members for over 50 years. The Stones still pack a house after decades of their trademark rock music. The Stones are the longest running rock band that still performed together. A recent announcement by the group indicated Watts would not accompany them in their upcoming tour. We will miss you dearly, Charlie Watts!

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