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A week in review 09/08/21
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By Joseph Rios

Nigerian state turns off internet and mobile phone services
- Zamfara, a north-western state in Nigeria, has shut down internet and mobile phone services. Security forces are working to contain armed gangs who have been killing residents and kidnapping for ransom. Internet and mobile phone services will be turned off for at least two weeks. Authorities hope shutting down communications will help security forces track down gunmen.

Coup leader to form new government in Guinea - Col Mamady Doumbouya, the leader of the coup that ousted Guinea President Alpha Conde, plans to set a new union government. He said there will not be a witch-hunt against former officials. Conde is in detention, but it is unknown what his future is. The UN, African Union and others have condemned the coup.


Taliban alleged killing of pregnant officer
- Witnesses in Afghanistan said Taliban militants shot and killed a policewoman in the Ghor province. The woman, Banu Negar, was killed at home in front of her relatives. The Taliban denied being involved in Negar’s death and said they are investigating the incident.

Schools still closed in India - Primary and upper-primary schools in India have been closed for the past 17 months due to the coronavirus. Recently, a survey found only 8 percent of children sampled were studying online regularly while 37 percent of other children are not studying at all. The survey spoke to 1,400 children across India last month. The study focused on households in deprived villages and slums. Children there attend government-operated schools.


Teenagers jailed for boy’s death
- Three teenagers in Finland will serve prison sentences over the murder of a 16-year-old boy last year. The defendants will serve 10, nine and eight years in prison. The boy’s death was described as “brutal,” and all defendants admitted to assaulting the victim. However, they denied the murder. Investigators found the victim was subjected to severe and prolonged violence.

EU/AstraZeneca reach vaccine deal - The EU and AstraZeneca have reached an agreement that will see AstraZeneca deliver 200 million doses of its coronavirus vaccine by the end of March 2022. The EU had a pending action against the drug-marker in Belgian courts. Around 70 percent of adults have been fully vaccinated in the EU.

Latin America

Brazil, Argentina match suspended at last minute
- The men’s soccer match between Brazil and Argentina was abruptly halted moments before kickoff due to visiting players accused of COVID violation. Health officials objected to the game because three Argentine players broke quarantine rules. Visitors who have been in the UK in Brazil have to quarantine for 14 days before entering the country.

El Salvado is now accepting Bitcoin as legal tender - El Salvador has now become the first country to accept the popular crypto currency Bitcoin as a legal tender in what many see as a financial experiment. Since El Salvador’s announcement several weeks ago, experts have credited an increase in Bitcoin value to nearly $51,000 for a single coin.

North America

U.S. adds fewer jobs than expected The United States added 235,000 jobs last month
— a number that is much lower than expert predictions. The number is below the 1.05 million jobs the country added in July. The unemployment rate fell from 5.4 percent in July to 5.2 percent in August. Some economists blamed rising COVID-19 cases for less jobs being added last month.

Capitol rioter pleads guilty - Jacob Anthony Chansley, a prominent supporter of the conspiracy theory QAnon, accepted a plea deal in a federal court for his role in the U.S. Capitol riots earlier this year. His picture in horns and a bearskin headdress with the American flag painted on his face became an iconic photo from the January riot. Around 600 people have been charged for attempting to prevent the U.S. Congress from certifying the 2020 election. 

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